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Archive for March 2012

Are You Drinking Clean H20?

Want an easy way to be good to your body? Stay hydrated by guzzling down more water throughout the day. Water has zero calories, so it doesn’t add to your waistline. Plus, it aids in just about every bodily function, including fat burning and energy production. Unfortunately, the water that comes out of your tap…

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Two Easy Side Dishes for Busy Nights

This week you get a twofer — a pair of incredibly easy and tasty vegetable side dishes. Pair one of these with some organic rotisserie chicken from the deli counter or a nice piece of grilled fish and you’ve got a sensationally healthy meal. Roasted Broccoli With Lemon Ingredients •             4 cups broccoli florets •            …

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A Note for Picky Eaters

You say you don’t like vegetables and never will, eh? I guarantee that’s because you’ve never tried roasting them. Roasting concentrates the sweetness of vegetables and takes away the bitterness, resulting in a satisfying flavor that will win over the most die-hard hater. Plus, roasting is a fast, easy, and hands-off cooking method. You have…

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Now You Can Make Fun Of Romney Using Your Feet

Finally, footwear for the indecisive — or those who decide often, but then change their minds. A pair of politically active pals in Los Angeles have created MittFlops, thong sandals that represent the seemingly flip-flopping positions of Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney. Now you can be fashion-forward on Super Tuesday, even if your tootsies get…

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