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Bunion Surgery Without Pain?

I do not advocate bunion surgery for cosmetic reasons. Posts usually talk about bunion surgery to relieve pain. Both kinds of pain, shoe pressure and joint pain. I had a patient come in this week that I scheduled for bunion surgery that was not having pain. However, she was not scheduled for cosmetic reasons alone.…

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Nail Salons: good or bad?

When a friend went in for a manicure a couple summers ago, he got more than just a simple buff and file. Twenty-four hours later, he was in the hospital with two intravenous drips in his arm, recovering from a staph infection he contracted though a nick from cuticle clippers during the service. “Little did…

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Big Baby Feet

20-Pound Triplets May Land Guinness World Record A Sacramento couple’s triplets, weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds, may score a world record for triplets’ total birth weight. Sidney, Elliott and Jenson Deen were born last Thursday. Their parents are now submitting paperwork in a bid that, if successful, would oust a North Carolina couple…

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