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How To Improve Your Attitude

Do you have what it takes to reach your weight-loss goals? If you think it’s all about diet and exercise, you’re wrong. It sounds crazy, I know. Exercise and a proper diet are crucial to all weight-loss and fitness programs. But to reach any long-term goal — especially one that requires a major lifestyle change…

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Can you drink and lose weight?

Whether its cocktails on ladies night out, a beer at the bar, or a glass of wine with dinner, most of us enjoy a drink (or two!) every now and again. But remember what Ive been teaching you: In addition to being aware of the foods that are good for you, you need to know…

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Taking Your Workout to the Next Level

Dr. Christopher Majewski, Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry Ever hear the expression “Nothing changes if nothing changes”? If you do the same resistance routine the same way week after week, the day will come when your body will have adapted to that particular workload. In terms of weight loss, that’s not a good thing. If your…

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Losing Your Baby Weight

Dr. Christopher Majewski, Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry A question that’s often on new mothers’ minds is “How am I going to lose my baby weight?” You don’t have to reinvent the wheel on weight loss. Unless you had an injury during the pregnancy, you lose your weight the same way anyone else does: You make…

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