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"My whole life I have had problems with painful ingrown toenails. Dr. Juice performed a simple procedure to make the ingrowing nail borders go away forever. Now, I don't have to worry about my toenails anymore for the first time in my life!"

- Jason P., age 14

"Dr. Majewski did for me what no other doctor could do over the past 2 years. He simply and quickly made my heel pain go away. I appreciate his knowledge, proactive treatment and the education he gave me to treat this problem by myself in the future if I need to. Much thanks!"

- Patricia S., age 36

"I suffered with severe painful arthritis of my big toe joint. I was afraid for many years to have surgery. Dr. Majewski explained the surgery to me and made me feel confident that everything would be okay. The surgery was a success! I had very little post-op pain and was back to my everyday life in one week. My big toe joint is now pain free and I can wear the shoes that I haven’t been able to wear in decades. I am so happy!"

- Nicole S., age 73

"I came to Dr. Majewski a few days before walking the the breast cancer walkathon, as I had an injury that was making my shoes extremely uncomfortable to wear. I completed the walk without pain around my bunion. The walk was fantastic and I don’t think I could have done it without your help. Thanks again!"


"Dr. Majewski has always put a lot of time and effort into my hard case injuries. With great skills, analysations and research they have helped me overcome injuries which were preventing me from running for over a year, and back to an elite level. It’s a great clinic, with good facilities that will suit people from your recreational sportsman/woman right through to an elite level person."

- Dino B, age 44

"I had two surgeries on my foot to correct painful toes and a bunion that I had had for many years. The first surgery failed completely. The second surgery by the same highly regarded podiatrist in Maryland left me with no bunion but a terrible hammer toe that continuously hurt me when I wore shoes and walked the courthouse corridors and was affectionately referred to by my kids as “the Toe.” Thanks to Dr. Majewski, “the Toe” is finally no more. Dr. Majewski adeptly and caringly performed the surgery so that I can now add sandals for this summer to my Imelda Marcos shoe collection. He is truly a master! "

- Tina S., age 53

"Just wanted to let you know that my achilles injury is really coping well. I ran the half marathon last weekend in 1:43:51. I am very happy about the fact that I was able to run it and in a better than expected time!"

- Chris T., age 34

"I would like to express my appreciation to your office for diabetic foot services. I attend the office on a regular basis for consultation with Dr. Majewski. I lead a busy lifestyle and am always on my feet. Without this service I would end up with serious problems. I have recently had an ulcer treated through the office and due to thorough management of my case, I had a quick and successful recovery. This dedication meant I could carry on my busy life with minimal interruption. I am grateful that I am able to have support of such a professional team who will always respond immediately if I have a concern regarding my feet. They are efficient in following up and referring on any necessary treatment. This is an invaluable service and an asset to the health system."

- Amanda G, age 49